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What you'll learn

  • Discover the most powerful version of “you” and how you can make money from it
  • Learn how realising your purpose unleashes entrepreneurship
  • Find the right business for you and the courage to action it
  • Develop confidence and discover why your dream business is possible


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Welcome to EE!

We’re building an online learning space loaded with awesome business and personal development information based on the real time experience of serial entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find the fresh, innovative stuff that game changers around the world are using to grow rock star businesses.

The key thing to note about EE is that we’re non traditional, degrees and formal pieces of paper don’t matter here. We start with you and work on creating the most authentic and powerful version of YOU.

When you connect with the “real you” you unleash your entrepreneurial nature in all of it’s untamable and inspired glory. In turn… the more you grow yourself, the more your business will grow. You will deliver amazing value to the world and for that you will be rewarded.

Be prepared for a mental stretch and a self-discovery adventure. It’s a melting pot of real substance, creative fun and learning.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Founder

Belle is a fun, full of life and effervescent entrepreneur
who has owned 9 of her own businesses over 17 years.
She currently owns 4 successful businesses in various fields and is a
member of the exclusive global network, Entrepreneurs Organization.

Belle is an avid student and teacher of personal development. As the
founder and major contributor to the EE body of work, the EE courses
are lined with magical depth and intriguing self discovery questions.
You are certain to find multiple insights!

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Welcome to EE!

When you become a student of EE you are invited to join our private Online community of budding entrepreneurs.

Here you’ll be able to engage with other students who are creating their own businesses and trail blazing in their own right.

It’s a forum to share wins, losses, cool experiences so we can all learn from each other. A safe place to get your questions answered and maximize our learning experience.

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